How Do I Cancel My Love Life Club Membership?

While we’d hate to see you go, we know it’s because we’ve helped you find, build, and keep the committed relationship of your dreams! 

In order to cancel your membership, simply Contact Us Here or send us an email at any time at and you’ll get priority support from a member of our team within 24 hours!

To confirm, if you cancel your membership, you will immediately lose access to the contents of the Love Life Club program.

Important ! Please note that deactivating or deleting your profile inside the Love Life app will not automatically cancel your Love Life Club subscription. You must reach out to our support team to process all subscription cancellations.

We ask that you please send any cancellation requests 24-48 hours ahead of your next billing date, to avoid any accidental billing after submitting a cancellation.

**Please keep in mind that canceling your membership does not entitle any full or partial refund(s) for any unused time during the billing cycle(s) in question. We do not offer refunds for the Love Life Club. For more information, please see this article.**